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Foxy (11/1/2016) Parasol Foxy Lady OA AXJ NF


Kramer (8/12/2014) - Crackhead High On Life MX MXJ

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Son of EZ who had the distinction of winning the first Westminster Agility Championship and who managed a first place at …

Chance (8/5/2011 - 3/27/2019) - MACH3 PACH Startyme's Serendipity MXB2 MJB2 MXP5 MXPS MJP6 MJPS PAX OF T2B2


Chance began his agility career in December 2012. Starting with the 5 day cluster in Palmetto at the end of the 2012, he …

James (6/1/2006 - 5/4/2018) - MACH11 Primavera's Sweet Baby James MXS4 PAD MJG5 MXF T2B4

James was Eileen’s best agility dog. He placed in the top dogs in 2011 and was #3 Papillon and #19 among all breeds. He …

Robin (1/1/2001-5/31/2016) - MACH6 Eileen's Boy Wonder MXG2 MJG3 MXF MFB TQX

Robin has earned the MACH6 title and was one of the five Papillons that participated in the First AKC agility Invitational …

Bingo (5/13/1996-3/30/2015) - MACH Eileen's Just Call Me Bingo MXG MJG

Bingo was the third Bichon in the country to earn the MACH title. He is currently waiting with Fluffy at the rainbow bridge.

Fluffy (12/06/1990 - 4/22/2009) - Eileen's Fluff And Honey CD MX MXJ AXP AJP

Fluffy was Eileen's Novice A dog in both agility and obedience. She retired for a brief period and then went into Preferred …